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NetCollections is focused on bringing innovative, technology-based debt collection services to businesses like yours in the health club, gym and fitness industry. Our unique array of five debt collection services are designed with your company and its unique needs in mind.

While our company’s unique solutions are based on the latest technology, our old-fashioned commitment to ethics, integrity and customer service is also evident in everything we do. Others in the debt collection industry may not place much emphasis on ethical treatment of those who owe money, but it’s important to us. Collection efforts that involve deceit, unlawful practices and heavy-handed techniques have no place in a civilized society.

This is why we have 1st class customer service and an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our Two Featured Services

Because we understand the unique challenges your company faces in this age of recurring payments, our Decline Recovery and Debt Recovery services are focused on account retention and 100 percent collection.

Decline Recovery allows businesses and charities that work on a recurring revenue model to outsource accounts receivable tasks. For account’s less than 90 days past due on which there is no commitment in place, we follow up with a courtesy phone call aimed at securing the payment and updating new account information.

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Debt Recovery is a formal third party collections service aimed at getting your customers to pay their past due balance AND remain as your customers whenever possible. By focusing on account retention as well as debt recovery, we’re different from other debt collection services.

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Other Services Designed For You

We also offer three other services designed with the fitness industry in mind.

Chargeback Recovery is a service that does whatever is necessary to manage and clear up your outstanding chargebacks. This service provides chargebacks representment, fax or CRM responses and whatever services and activities are necessary to recover your money.

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Membership Recovery is similar to the Debt Recovery service above, but the primary goal of this collection process is to get the customer back to the gym and back on draft. We handle everything for you seamlessly using our existing fitness software integrations so you don’t have to do anything.

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UniPay Management is a special service available to members of the UniPay Payment Management Platform that need to outsource decline, debt or chargeback recovery. Our staff is intimately familiar with this industry-leading platform from one of our sister companies and can fully integrate with it in ways impossible by other debt collection agencies

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For debt collection services designed with your industry in mind and focused on the issues that matter most to you, contact NetCollections today. We’ll help you retain your customers, collect your bad debts and increase your revenues. While your attention is focused squarely on satisfied, paying customers, we’ll handle the rest.