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UniPay Gateway Management

Our UniPay Gateway Management service is a unique collections service available from NetCollections and aimed specifically at users of the UniPay Payment Management Platform, a powerful all-in-one payment gateway from our partner company. If your company is considering other UniPay collections services, why not choose the one offered by a company that knows UniPay inside out?

The UniPay payment gateway is a remarkable upgrade from a typical credit card processor, but better integration doesn’t mean you won’t encounter declines, bad debt and chargebacks that must be recovered. These customer account issues can be tedious and time-consuming for your in-house staff to resolve, and letting them go uncollected can seriously impact your bottom line.

At NetCollections, we’re intimately familiar with our partner company’s UniPay payment gateway and are uniquely qualified to handle the gateway management tasks your company wants to outsource. No other company can claim direct and complete understanding of this gateway.

Using UniPay’s advanced technology, you’ll always be fully informed of the status of every account even if you outsource common debt collection tasks to us. That’s because the processes are all handled seamlessly and transparently. When you check any account, you can see in real time its status and what efforts are underway. No other payment gateway and no other debt collection service can offer real-time integration that’s as complete and as accurate as the service we offer.

Our UniPay Gateway Management service offers:

– Outsourcing of debt collection tasks to gentle, respectful professionals

– Complete integration with the UniPay payment gateway

– A staff that is intimately acquainted with UniPay

– Complete transparency and online access to your account info at all time

If you use UniPay, you’re already experiencing a higher level of credit card transaction processing than your competitors who don’t use it. Now, step up to complete debt collection services from NetCollections that are completely integrated with your UniPay system. Contact us now to learn how to get started with outsourcing your debt collection. It’s a decision you won’t regret.