The Results Leader

NetCollections: Leader in Results Collections

NetCollections is a technology-based debt collection agency that has established a reputation as a results leader in automating the accounts receivable process for health clubs and gyms like yours. We help you collect on bad debts through informal approaches and formal third party collections.

Turn to us if it’s time to decrease your accounts receivable and immediately increase your cash flow, improving your bottom line and allowing you to focus your attention on running your business while leaving the tedious task of debt collection to us.

Our completely transparent debt collection agency understands your company’s unique needs because we specialize in the fitness industry, one of the industries in which debt collection can be most difficult. But we like a challenge. The growth of recurring billing has created new challenges and made collection services even more important, but our proven high-tech techniques really work. They include electronic recurring billing, notice letters and email, auto dialers and voice message delivery, live agent phone calls and easy to use online payments.

A Focus On Technology

We’re different because we focus on the use of advanced technology to perform your debt collection tasks, including communication via file, real time updates through API, online payments and credit bureau reporting. Plus, you get complete transparency so you see all accounts online and can keep tabs on how the collection efforts are going.

Even better, there are no hidden fees for you or for those who are in debt to you.

Our unique Decline Recovery and Debt Recovery services are the cornerstone of NetCollections. Decline Recovery follows up by telephone with accounts that are less than 90 days past due where there are no commitments with simple courtesy calls aimed at getting the payment and updating payment information. Debt Recovery is a formal third party collections service aimed at getting a customer to continue using your service and to establish a new recurring method of paying for it.

A Focus On Ethics

You have our complete assurance that our innovative and remarkably effective receivables management program is staffed by experienced, professional and courteous collection agents who follow the law and follow our own strict code of ethical conduct too. Providing first class-service to our customers like you is important to us, and so is treating every person we contact with the respect they deserve, giving them the opportunity to easily resolve their payment issue and continue using your company’s services, if they desire.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our system is easy to use, cost-effective and keeps your customers paying on time. It’s a better and more intelligent process than you’ll find at other debt collection agencies -- and one that’s focused on customer retention and 100 percent recovery.

Isn’t it time to outsource debt collection to a company with an innovative system, a proven track record and a complete commitment to taking an ethical approach to collection of your fitness club and gym membership debt? Isn’t it time to contact NetCollections today?