The Results Leader

About Us


NetCollections LLC is a debt collection company formed by an innovative and experience group of industry experts specializing in debt recovery for the fitness industry. We manage the accounts receivable process for you so you can get on with satisfying your customers with your products and services.

Our mission is simple: We strive to effectively combine first-class customer service with leading technology to produce above-average collection results. It’s a mission that has guided us since the beginning and one that we are proving possible every day.

A Team Of Experts

Our uniquely qualified team of professionals is made up of leaders who came to us from sales, marketing, call centers, customer service and information technology. When combined, our decades of experience add up to the right combination of skills and innovation to serve you better than any other debt recovery company.

All our people share our core belief that our customers are the most important asset in our company. That means we all believe in working diligently to satisfy you and serve you well. We use modern  technology to accomplish many of our tasks. Old-fashioned customer service helps us accomplish the rest.

By consistently exceeding expectations, we have already satisfied many clients and expect to serve many more in the coming months and years. We constantly evaluate and improve our processes to ensure that customers who join us today get the best possible service.

A Unique Commitment To Ethics

Ethical values often seem to have no place at a debt collection agency — at least not at the debt collection agencies we know about. But we take a different approach.

By focusing on a strict code of ethics, we nurture an environment of respect, responsibility and commitment that travels from NetCollections in every direction — back to our clients, out to those from whom we are collecting and throughout our organization itself.

We are also uniquely committed to transparency for our clients. That means you can review your accounts and keep up with collection efforts online. Nothing is hidden from you. That is at least part of the reason that our business grows largely through referrals. We have a great reputation for doing what’s right while accomplishing our task — debt collection for companies like yours — better than other organization’s in our industry.

If it’s time to clear bad debt from your books, salvage customer relationships and improve your company’s bottom line, it’s time to contact NetCollections. We look forward to being the team in your corner that helps you deal with your accounts so you can use your resources dealing with paying clients.