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Debt Recovery – 3rd Party

Our Debt Recovery service is a formal third party debt collection process, but we approach this process very differently from our competitors because we focus on customer retention. Our goal is to get your customers caught up on their payments — and put back on your draft,  continuing to pay for it as agreed.

Because we take a respectful approach to your clients and practice patience and understanding, your customers can actually gain respect for your company through the collections process. This helps them see a pathway toward returning to your company and continuing to use your services.

We’ve found that a little respect and patience go a long way toward resolving even the most seriously past due accounts, and we’ve also found that gentle, respectful pressure can be more effective than heavy-handed techniques, especially when account retention is desired.

Make no mistake, however: Just because our methods are respectful and as non-confrontational as possible, that doesn’t mean our past due recovery rates are lower than others in the industry, in fact our recovery rates are one of the highest in the industry. We’re proud of our record of service to clients like you, and you may not believe how effective our patience and respect can be in collecting your seriously past due accounts.

We even offer your clients an online payment system with no hidden fees to make catching up easier.

So you can monitor our progress, we provide online, real-time access to all accounts, giving our service complete transparency. We also communicate with you by file and API and report electronically to credit bureaus, making the process as smooth and automated as possible.

Our Debt Recovery service offers:

– Formal third party debt collection

– Focus on account retention

– Respectful, patient collection efforts

– Top recovery rates for even the toughest cases

– Online monitoring of your accounts

Debt collection doesn’t have to reflect poorly on your company to be effective. If it’s time to take a different approach to debt collection that’s as respectful and intelligent as it is effective, contact NetCollections today.