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Chargebacks Recovery

Our Chargebacks Recovery service is designed to take the tedious tasks related to credit card chargebacks recovery out of your hands and put them into the hands of our patient, diligent professionals who will do whatever it takes to recover your funds, improving your bottom line. While we handle the chargebacks, you can get on with doing what you do best. It’s a simple and effective way to get back some valuable time in your business operations.

A large part of our Chargebacks Recovery service involves a process called representment. NetCollections takes over all tasks related to representment, the attempt to provide enough evidence to the card company that the chargeback will be reversed, giving you back the funds lost. You can handle this process yourself, of course, but it’s tedious and time-consuming to deal with, especially since the procedures and evidence requirements vary by card brand.

Our professionals understand the complex and diverse processes involved and are willing to work within whatever systems necessary. That means we can respond electronically through existing integrations or handle documentation by mail or fax if necessary. We do whatever it takes.

When possible, we use our advanced technology and network of integrations to speed the process along — and we always keep you fully informed of the progress we’re making toward recovering your funds lost to chargebacks. Your chargebacks are part of your company’s financial situation, so we never keep anything from you.

Our Chargeback Recovery service offers:

– Relief from the tedious tasks of credit card chargebacks recovery

– Patient and persistent representment

– Willingness to work within whatever systems necessary to get a good result

– Complete transparency so you always know what’s going on

If it’s time to put chargebacks recovery in the hands of professionals who have what it takes to do the job right for you, it’s time to contact NetCollections for Chargebacks Recovery. Getting your company the funds it deserves is our job and our top priority when you contract with us.