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Membership Recovery & Reinstatement

Our Membership Recovery service is about more than just debt collection. Aimed specifically at helping health clubs, tanning salons and other businesses that operate on a recurring billing model, the goal is to get your company the money it’s due and get your valuable client put back on your monthly draft. When your company has bad debt and nonparticipating members on its books, you’re losing revenues, but we can turn that around.

While other fitness membership recovery programs are really just old-fashioned debt collectors in disguise that pay zero attention to reinstating your valuable clients, NetCollections understands how important your monthly draft is. Getting clients to commit to your organization in the first place is a challenge and that it makes more sense to recover those who have already converted to you than to replace them.

That’s why we use a combination of gentle, respectful customer service and advanced technology to work your bad debts and turn them into valuable, up-to-date clients again. We offer your past due clients complete respect, a variety of options and a simple-to-use online payment platform. We offer you seamless integration that doesn’t require your intervention.

We can provide such remarkable service because we already work with ABC Financial, Paramount Acceptance, ClubReady, Allstate Financial and other leading fitness software providers. These providers have software integrations that make it easy for us to get past due account information and post back payments without your involvement. Don’t work with one of those system’s? or maybe have just a couple of accounts? That’s no problem. We’ll connect with you and your information in whatever ways are necessary including client access where you can load individual accounts manually whenever necessary. — Plus keep you fully updated online of how your debt collection efforts are going.

Our Membership Recovery service offers:

– Complete service aimed at getting your members involved again

– Respectful and effective service to your customers

– Seamless integration with your existing Club Management Software

– Full understanding of your industry’s unique needs

If you want a membership recovery service that’s truly as interested in reinstating your clients as in collected past due payments, it’s time to get to know NetCollections. Contact us now for information on how we can turn seriously past due clients into current and paying ones.