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Decline Recovery – 1st Party

Our Decline Recovery service takes a soft, non-confrontational approach to the two kinds of debt that can often be recovered extremely successfully if the right approach is taken. Designed for customer accounts that are less than 90 days past due and those that are under no commitment — like charitable contributors who are behind because of credit card issues — this service takes a simple, direct approach to recovering bad debt that is completely respectful of the customer.

Focused on retention, high-tech methods, transparent reporting and patient, understanding service, this service can actually increase the perceived quality of your company in the mind of the person in debt rather than decreasing it as many debt collection efforts do.

In many cases, these accounts become past due because of genuine mistakes or oversights, and the customer never intended to fall behind or miss a payment. When you contract for this credit card decline recovery service from NetCollections, we make basic courtesy calls on each account in an attempt to recover the payment and update the payment information so the problem doesn’t happen again.

Because we’re persistent and we believe your customers really want to do what’s right, we can recover a high percentage of these accounts and get them successfully put back on your draft.

Our high-tech and transparent approach to debt collection means your company is always completely informed of how we’re doing and can monitor progress of collection efforts online at any time.

Even better, there are no hidden fees for anyone involved.

Our Decline Recovery service offers:

– Gentle, respectful debt collection

– Courtesy calls to update payment information

– Persistence that recovers a high percentage of accounts

– Complete online reporting to you of our collection efforts

– No hidden fees

If our Decline Recovery service makes sense to you, contact NetCollections today. Our innovative, intelligent and respectful approach to credit card decline recovery service can help you clear your books and retain your customers.